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The SAT/ACT Tests and Preparation

sat/act test preparationThese assessment tests represent the two major college entrance examinations administered to high school students today.  Colleges accept the results from either test since the ACT has gained in usage by many more states and is currently the more popular test.  SAT/ACT test preparation at Chester Tutoring NJ is another key program we provide to students.

The PSAT and the comparable ACT PLAN are used by High Schools as preliminary evaluation tests in freshman and sophomore years and as part of the evaluation for National Merit Scholarships in the junior year of high school.

Some colleges also require results from SAT Subject Tests depending on the major chosen by the student.

Both the SAT and the ACT tests are timed aptitude tests that cover retained skills in specific areas.

The SAT tests Critical Thinking and Problem Solving in the areas of Reading Comprehension, Writing and Language, and Mathematics up to and including Algebra II.  The scoring range is 200-800 per section, 2 major sections in total for a maximum of 1600.  The Essay writing is now optional and a separate score.

The ACT is a different test in that it is considered by some a content based test and therefore covers primarily Subject Knowledge.  In reality there are components of the ACT that do test Critical Thinking.  The subjects covered include English (Grammar, Standard Usage, Editing), Mathematics including a few Trigonometry questions, Reading Comprehension, and Science Reasoning.  An Essay is optional and not part of the composite scoring.  The scoring for the ACT per section is 0-36, a total of 4 sections, and simply uses the mean average of all sections combined for the composite score.

Both tests are an important part of a college application however the results are only one of several factors considered for acceptance.  “Super Scoring”, SAT II test results, target test scores, additional essays are some examples of requirements managed locally by each college/university as part of its acceptance requirements.

From our experience, personalized SAT/ACT Test practice and review are beneficial to all students in better understanding and maximizing these skills tests.  At Chester Tutoring we offer both individual and small group (2-4 students) support to the students. Our programs range from overviews, individual section subject reviews, combinations of specific sections, to comprehensive practice, testing and review.  Strategies and management of the tests are very important components of our programs.

The results ultimately achieved by the students are based however on the level of their educational background, in combination with their commitment to the process.  The earlier a student begins to prepare for these tests,  for example as early as 8th or 9th grade, the likelihood is that the results will better reflect the level of his or her understanding of the subjects included in the tests,  consistent with the academic level of their school program.

For further information or help with SAT/ACT Test Preparation in Chester NJ, please call or email us at your convenience.  Thank You!!

NOTE: Support for the redesigned tests has been incorporated into our programs as the information from the College Board became available, starting with the Fall 2015 PSAT and March 2016 SAT tests. Click on the blue text links for more information on the College Board website.

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