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math-tutor-chesterMath is a subject that is probably the best example of “Building Block” type learning in school.  Math tutoring and support at Chester Tutoring NJ is one of our key programs. Although there have been and currently are various methods used to introduce and develop mastery of the basic Math skills, “New Math”, Singapore Math are a couple that come to mind, ultimately students in grade school need to master the fundamental processes by 7th grade in order to succeed in advanced Math subjects such as Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, etc.

Additionally fundamental math skills are present in everyday life and become increasingly important as we enter the working world and handle family matters.

Parents of grade and high school students understandably tend to give their children the benefit of the doubt when told “I know what I’m doing” only to see the results continue to fall below expectations. Eventually the student loses confidence and other subjects begin to suffer. It is therefore so important to address these math issues early in the school year to minimize the potential impact on the student as the school year progresses.

Summer is also a good time to catch up or preview upcoming courses since there are no other distractions and students can get more personalized attention to processes that might not seem entirely clear to them from the previous year(s).

At Chester Tutoring we have helped many students, from grade school through high school, occasionally even college, overcome gaps in their understanding of the various skill sets. We have also helped students prepare for private school entrance tests, NJASK, and college entrance examinations.

We offer personalized individual and small group support, using the student’s books and materials whenever possible for continuity, to fill those gaps and support them as they progress in the year. This is especially true at the grade school level where the lack of mastery becomes a major roadblock to the learning of future skill sets.

We are here at Chester Tutoring NJ ready to provide math tutoring and support!

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